Kristina Supernova_Suvorova_2022_Katharina_Dubno.JPG

Photo by Katharina Dubno

Massive impact to my art always were the myths and fairy tales, poetry and classical literature, my grandmother was reading and telling to me. She had her own library in her little house and after playing outside in the nature  it was my second favorite place to be. It was my window to the many worlds. There I started to create art and reinvent the stories I’ve learned with all the natural materials I could find around me. Paper, coal, clay, ink, wood, anything that comes in the way. So literature and nature were (and still are) my main inspiration.


In my world, things and creatures take on a surrealistic life of their own. Quite often I mix the absurdity of humans with the serenity of animals. Playing with paradoxes, detailing the most unorthodox of pairings to result in the harmonious friendships.  Trough the years, the symbol of an eye became my key piece, integrated almost into each art work created. The multiple pairs of eyes, symbolizing the ability not only simply to see and feel more, but also to be able to put yourself into other perspectives of the matter. I am an observer, who gives a big respect to little things and the beauty of the present moment. So, my art is a great collection of loose poetic symbols and these moments.


My creative practice ranges from illustration to fine arts, video, collage, installations, poetry, sculpture, art books, oil paintings, animation, murals and wearable art.


Most recently I have been abandoning the concrete narrative motif and have started creating expressive, large or small format oil paintings and ink drawings series in which echoes of the mythological fable worlds can be found, as well as a preoccupation with human existence where I turns the inside out. Colors and lines are the codes and formulas for all kind of feelings, that humans, animals and even plants are capable to experience. 



 I want to encourage others to listen to themselves, to their own inner world. What you feel is important.




Dalelytė (2021, Frankfurt)

SecRed Gallery (group exhibition, 2021, Berlin)

XCHANGE (group exhibition, 2020, Berlin)

Paprasti Keisti Dalykai //

Simple Strange Things (2018, Vilnius)

Other Parallel Of The Story (2017, Berlin)

Deep Sea Got Eyes (2017, Frankfurt)

The Kiosk Of Nonsense (2016, Frankfurt)

Flying Dog & The Other Friends (2015, Frankfurt)

We're All Mad Here (2013, Darmstadt)